Andrew Fisher’s Lunch Box

Andrew Fisher’s Lunch Box
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Andrew Fisher’s tin lunch box reminds us that humble beginnings informed his formidable political career.

Leaving school at ten, he was a coalminer throughout his teens, and migrated to Australia from Scotland at 23. He rose quickly from union organiser to three-time Prime Minister, inventing the Australian ideal of a ‘fair go’ along the way. Among a host of policies designed for the common good, he advocated maternity allowances and greater political equality for women.

Andrew Fisher (1862-1928) was Prime Minister of Australia three times; from November 1908 to June 1909, April 1910 to June 1913, September 1914 to October 1915. He is regarded as one of the most successful Australian politicians.

Andrew Fisher’s lunch box is held at the Gympie Gold Mining Museum in Queensland.


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