All My Loving: Young Talent Time, 1979

All My Loving: Young Talent Time, 1979
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd
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The Beatles’ song ‘All My Loving’ plays an integral role in Young Talent Time with every episode since the very first one in April 1971 closing with a rendition by host Johnny Young and the cast. This example is made unique by its outdoor setting in Melbourne.  

Young released his slower version of the Paul McCartney song in 1967 and it became his signature tune, making it a natural choice for the Young Talent Time theme.  

Eight years into its staggering 18-year run the coverage and staging of this clip follows the conventions established by the show, such as the cast swaying to the music and their formation around Johnny resembling a family portrait.

John Young says today that ‘All My Loving’ was an important part of the program because it ‘said we were a family’. 

Cast featured are Karen Knowles (1975–80), Steven Zammit (1975–80), Debbie Hancock (1975–79), Robert McCullough (1976–79), Nicole Cooper (1976–81), Johnny Bowles (1977–81), Tina Arena (1977–83) and Bobby Driessen (1979–83). 

Johnny Young had a string of pop hits during the mid-to-late 1960s including a No. 1 hit with 'Step Back' / 'Cara Lyn' (by Johnny Young and Kompany).

He also wrote hits for other artists; 'The Real Thing', recorded by Russell Morris, was named one of the Sounds of Australia by the NFSA in 2013.

This is episode 79/08. 

Notes by Beth Taylor