Alive and Brilliant by Deborah Conway

Alive and Brilliant by Deborah Conway
Image: Garth Oriander and Sweet Creative
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Rock singer-songwriter Deborah Conway was a founding member of Do-Re-Mi before launching a successful solo career, winning the 1992 ARIA for Best Female Artist, and organising the Broad Festivals (2005 to 2008) showcasing contemporary Australian female artists. This track from the 1993 album Bitch Epic was written by Conway and her partner and collaborator William (Willy) Zygier. The lyrics are intensely personal but are delivered in a manner that, as Conway once stated, provide complete transparency between the singer, the audience, the song and the sentiment. This ability to create hits that also challenge people’s preconceptions of pop music is representative of Conway’s ongoing success in balancing her artistic values with the commercial realities of her industry. In 2013 Conway and Zygier released their 10th studio album together, Stories of Ghosts, on their own Another Intercorps label.

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