The Adventures of Skippy: flyer

Bi-fold flyer featuring the main characters posing with Skippy. Includes synopsis and images from the series.
The Adventures of Skippy: flyer
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'Skippy, Australia's most famous kangaroo, is hopping back to the world's television screens in a brand new 39 episode children's series', heralds this bi-fold flyer, printed to promote the 1991 Skippy reboot.

The text inside the flyer usefully outlines the series key characters and the family dynamic at the heart of the new show:

'Set in Australia's tropical north, Sonny Hammond, who in the 1967 series was a 12-year-old boy, is now a 37-year-old widower played by award-winning actor Andrew Clarke - The Saint, Anzacs, Sword of Honour.

'In the new series Sonny has two 10-year-old non-identical twins played by talented newcomers Kate McNeil and Simon James. Sonny is the co-owner of Habitat, an animal theme park in Australia's tropical Gold Coast hinterland. The series' storyline revolves around the humorous and/or dramatic situations experienced by Skippy and the Hammond family in their various exciting adventures.

'Joining this talented trio is veteran actress Moya O'Sullivan who has been cast as Thelma Woods, the crusty but lovable co-owner of Habitat, and Fiona Shannon as Kate Burgess the vet, who looks after the park's animals.'

The flyer gives us a glimpse at the marketing for The Adventures of Skippy but stops short of tempting us with story details or information about guest actors, which was a strong point of the original series.

Being limited to straightforward factual information about the show, the flyer does not build much anticipation among prospective viewers or promote it in an exciting or innovative fashion.

Notes by Adam Blackshaw