The Adventures of Skippy, 1991

The Adventures of Skippy, 1991
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The Skippy reboot The Adventures of Skippy ran for 39 episodes in 1991 and starred Andrew Clarke.

The story was developed as a sequel to the original 1960s series with Sonny Hammond now an adult with children of his own and working as a co-owner of an animal park in the tropical north of Australia. Skippy is now more of a family pet than a semi-wild kangaroo.

This clip features the opening credits to the show, which gives an introduction to the characters, indicates the family nature of the series and reveals some difference to the 1960s series. The music, for one, is less catchy, though it does feature some of the same lyrics as Eric Jupp's original.

The sound of a didjeridu replaces the gum-leaf whistle from the 1960s credits, perhaps indicating this new series will have more Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander characters, though none appear in the credits.

The footage doesn't reveal any storylines but indicates the series will feature plenty of outdoors action with helicopters, trail bikes, bicycles, boats and horseriding all featuring prominently, as well as plenty of Australian animals.

Notes by Adam Blackshaw