60 Minutes: Terry Floyd’s brother still searching

60 Minutes: Terry Floyd’s brother still searching
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This clip is an excerpt from a 2018 60 Minutes report, titled Digging for Answers.

The report revisits the disappearance of 12-year-old Terry Floyd who went missing in country Victoria in 1975. Terry's remains have never been found and the case remains unsolved. 

Terry's younger brother Daryl Floyd, who believes his brother was abducted, murdered and dumped in an old mine shaft, spends his weekends at the mine trying to find clues.

Daryl also believes he knows who is responsible for Terry's disappearance and decides that it is time to confront the man.

In this clip, we see Daryl and a group of volunteers at the mine near Avoca in Victoria, sifting through dirt for any sign of Terry's remains or belongings. He shows a number of items that he's already found in the area that he believes Terry was wearing the day he disappeared.

This report shows how the pain of losing a loved one in such circumstances can impact the lives of family members who are left behind. Forty years later, Daryl is still devastated by his brother's loss and unable to rest until he has answers.