1999: Young Talent Time, 1984

1999: Young Talent Time, 1984
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd
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The choice of song in this clip – Prince’s pop hit ‘1999’ (1982) – exemplifies Young Talent Time’s use of international hits from the time. 

Team members in order of appearance are Katie Van Ree (1981–87), Karen Dunkerton (1981–85), Joey Perrone (1980–84), Dannii Minogue (1982–88), Vince Del Tito (1983–88), Beven Addinsall (1983–88) and Vanessa Windsor (1983–87). 

The purple dips to colour are jarring and seem an odd stylistic choice. The coverage gives a nice combination of group shots and close-ups – foregrounding the excellent costumes and choreography as well as individual team members.

The focus on individual team members was an important part of John’s original idea for the show as you can hear in this oral history excerpt. 

Pyrotechnics at the end of the song add production value and a concert atmosphere and it is easy to see it as a precursor of musical reality shows such as The Voice (2012–current), X Factor (2005, 2010–2016) and Australian Idol (2003–2009). 

This clip comes from episode 84/37 and was broadcast on 20 October 1984. 

Notes by Beth Taylor