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We hope you enjoy the NFSA's 25th anniversary celebration of Muriel's Wedding

I'm going to get married

and I'm going to be a success.

Muriel Heslop

About 'Muriel's Wedding'

An awkward misfit, her bullying father, cruel peers, a stifling small town and an opportunity for escape make for the perfect balance of comedy and poignancy in this Aussie classic.

Muriel Heslop measures success by one thing only – wedded bliss. And to achieve that means getting revenge on her tormentors.

But when Muriel takes matters into her own hands, will she find holy matrimony to be everything she dreamed it would be?

Still Saying 'I do!'

Muriel's Wedding left its mark on Australian pop culture and struck a chord worldwide. Amid the laughs, there is also poignancy and worthwhile lessons about self, happiness and truth. 

The film boosted the 1990s ABBA revival and has since become an award-winning, hit stage musical. Plus it gave us the oft-repeated classic line: 'You're terrible Muriel'!

That's why, 25 years on, we're renewing our vows with Australia's most terrible bride.

How to Plan a Wedding

Just like planning a wedding, a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into creating a feature film. 

Scouting for locations, designing costumes, picking the music and inviting the right people to join are all big decisions.

In this chapter you can discover how some of the key elements came together for Muriel's big day.

Ideas align to create 'Muriel's Wedding'


Producer Jocelyn Moorhouse explains how a video store clerk, a wayward sibling and a classic compilation came together to inspire 'Muriel'.

Key places in filming 'Muriel's Wedding'

Location, location, location

Producer Lynda House talks about the locations for some of the key scenes in Muriel's Wedding.

Casting key roles

How to tell when she's 'the one'!

Jocelyn Moorhouse, in an interview with the NFSA, talks about casting the two lead roles – Muriel and Rhonda.

Securing a Seventies Supergroup

The Wedding Soundtrack

Producer Lynda House talks about the struggle to win over ABBA for rights to use their music in 'Muriel's Wedding'.

'Muriel' gets an Audience

The Reception

Producer Lynda House talks about the key audiences for 'Muriel's Wedding' in a special Q&A session with the NFSA in 2014.

No one's ever gonna marry you. You've never even had a boyfriend. 


The Wedding Dress

The spectacular gown worn by Muriel (Toni Collette) features a low neckline, highly decorated bodice, ornate lace sleeves and a full skirt with a modest train in heavy ivory satin.

The headpiece adds a touch of regal class to the traditional veil. The gown was created by costume designer Terry Ryan. 

Peach Dress


The three peach-coloured bridesmaids' ensembles were worn by Cheryl (Rosalind Hammond), Tania (Sophie Lee) and Janine (Belinda Jarrett) at Muriel’s wedding.

Each ensemble comprises a floor-length frock with tulle skirt and lace bodice. Also included are white petticoat, floral hairpiece, earrings and gold shoes. 

Pink Dress


The hot-pink bridesmaid's dresses were worn by Cheryl (Rosalind Hammond), Nicole (Pippa Grandison) and Janine (Belinda Jarrett) at Tanya's wedding at the start of the film.

The dress is matched with pearl choker necklace, nylon lace gloves, white floral-and-pearl headpiece and pearl and gold clip-on earrings. The neckline is defined by a stiff ruffle of pink tulle with seed-pearl decoration.

The Power of Costumes


In an oral history interview, Jeanie Drynan (Muriel's mother, Betty Heslop) talks about the transformative power of costumes.

Behind the Scenes of 'Muriel's Wedding'

Beneath the Veil

In this chapter you'll discover some exclusive deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage, insights about the editing process and rare production stills from the film.

Deleted Scene

'Wedded Bliss'

The decision to cut this delightful scene, featuring Chris Haywood (Ken Blundell) and Daniel Lapaine (David Van Arkle), was a difficult one for editor Jill Bilcock and producer Lynda House.

A 'terrible' battle!

Deleted Scenes and Iconic Quotes

Producer Lynda House talks about the decision-making behind deleting scenes from the film and how a now iconic quote was almost lost.

Behind the Scenes footage

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal footage from the scene when Muriel is recognised by her old schoolmate Rhonda at a dinner while on holiday.

Reshooting the Final Scene

A Fitting End

Producer Lynda House talks about the decision to reshoot the final scene.

My life is as good as an ABBA song.

It's as good as 'Dancing Queen'.

Muriel Heslop

Your Favourite Quotes

One of the lasting legacies of 'Muriel's Wedding' is its memorable script. This montage contains many of the best lines and memorable quotes that elevated the film to iconic status.

Did you know...

PJ Hogan's script was inspired by his sister and her relationship with their politician father and a video store clerk who talked non-stop about getting married.
Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus were reluctant to grant use of ABBA music in 'Muriel' until PJ Hogan said he'd come to Sweden and sent them a copy of his plane ticket.
Muriel’s sister Joanie says, 'You’re terrible, Muriel’ only three times, while 'What a coincidence!’ is spoken six times throughout the film.

Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

Muriel and Rhonda


With special thanks to Lynda House, Jocelyn Moorhouse and PJ Hogan, without whom this exhibition would not have been possible, and to TF1 Droits Audiovisuel. 


  • Producer: Mel Bondfield
  • Curators: Jennifer Coombes, Jenny Gall
  • Photographs: Darren Weinert, Tony Rowley
  • Conservation: Shingo Ishikawa
  • Video: Terry Stuetz, Michael Kosmider, Craig Dingwall, Rachael Priddel