Conditions of entry

Conditions of entry

To help us protect our displays and venues from damage, we ask visitors to observe the following conditions of entry to the NFSA.

The NFSA building is smoke-free. This includes the Cafe and Courtyard. Reception staff can direct you to the closest designated smoking area if required.

Food and drink are not permitted in the Gallery. Photography is not permitted in the Gallery.


General admission to the NFSA is free. Screenings at Arc cinema and some programs have a charge.


To help us ensure the safety of all visitors, and to protect our displays and exhibitions from damage, please observe the following conditions of entry to the NFSA.

  • NFSA buildings and grounds are smoke-free
  • Pushbikes are not permitted within the building
  • Photography for personal use is permitted, except in the Exhibition Gallery or where signs request no photography. No filming is allowed in the Exhibition Gallery, Arc cinema or Theatrette. Photography and filming for any commercial purpose is prohibited unless prior written permission has been obtained from the General Manager of Corporate Affairs
  • Assistance animals that are trained, registered and visibly identifiable are welcome at the NFSA when accompanied by their handler. All other animals are prohibited
  • Prams and strollers are permitted within the NFSA. Visitors are to take care when using prams and strollers to avoid any damage to NFSA property or injury to other visitors or cinema patrons
  • No organised event or function is to be held in the courtyard without prior written approval
  • You should be aware that you have health and safety responsibilities when you are at the NFSA. All visitors must comply with any reasonable health and safety instructions, and take reasonable care not to put themselves or others at risk
  • Security closed-circuit television cameras are installed in the building and may record you during your visit
  • For safety reasons large backpacks, bags or other baggage are not allowed in the Exhibition Gallery. The NFSA may also ask you to check large bags upon entry to Arc cinema and the Theatrette
  • Visitors who do not comply with NFSA notices or directions, or who engage in conduct that poses a threat to the NFSA building or exhibits or to personal safety, may be directed to leave the NFSA by an authorised officer. This includes engaging in dangerous or inappropriate behaviour or illegal acts or infringing the rights of any other person.