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Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Vision, Mission and Priorities provide a high-level framework for the NFSA’s activities. They are informed by a number of planning and policy documents, including our Corporate Plan and Indigenous Strategy.


Collect, Preserve, Share


To empower Australians to connect with our living memories, to tell our stories and shape our futures. 


To collect, preserve and share Australia’s vibrant and diverse audiovisual culture as embodied by our evolving collection - reflecting who we were, who we are, and who we want to be. 


Audiovisual technologies enable us to capture moments in time: moving image and sounds in their most vivid forms. At over 3 million items, the NFSA collection transforms these records into ‘living memories’ – the many facets of Australia’s peoples, cultures, ideas and beliefs, both over time and across the land.

The collection invites all Australians to connect, no matter their background and life experiences, and find common ground and a shared sense of community. All can access it to celebrate our cultures and learn from our history to build a better future. 

The NFSA proudly upholds the responsibility entrusted to us by the Australian public in the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia Act 2008 to ‘collect, preserve and share’ – thereby ensuring the ongoing safety and usage of the national audiovisual collection, built and shared in collaboration with our wide network of stakeholders.



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We develop and preserve an evolving collection that reflects contemporary Australia: its creativity, diversity and complexity.  We ensure that all Australians have the opportunity to use the national audiovisual collection to connect with their past, present and future, and to each other.

Opportunities and activities 

  • Implement a dynamic collection policy which ensures we remain relevant and proactively acquire the content that reflects the times, regardless of platform or format, supported by robust and agile curatorial practice.
  • Deliver ongoing investment in world-class preservation practices, storage and infrastructure to keep our collection – analogue and digital – safe and future-proof.
  • Ensure we occupy a key position in the audiovisual landscape, working with a wide range of stakeholders to grow and share the collection, while respecting the claims of rights holders.
  • Expand the digitisation of our analogue collection, with magnetic tape as a priority, ahead of Deadline 2025.
  • Create a digital home for Australian audiovisual history, led by the NFSA in collaboration with other institutions and creators.


We encourage and facilitate the telling and sharing of stories that reflect the complexity and diversity of Australia in the 21st century. We engage with industry and independent creators, as well as with audiences online and onsite. We ensure they know that the collection is theirs, and the many ways they can use it.  

Opportunities and activities 

  • Celebrate and showcase the collection through storytelling, in all its forms and expressions.
  • Facilitate access, use and reuse of the collection for the creation of new content, with consideration of rights, permissions and opportunities.
  • Increase the discoverability, accessibility and digital delivery of our collection to meet user and customer expectations.
  • Engage in active collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in line with our Indigenous Strategy.
  • Seek to understand, quantify and qualify the aspirations and needs of our existing and potential users, and prioritise activities accordingly.
  • Become one of Canberra’s must-see destinations by offering an exciting range of special events and guests, exhibitions and displays, film screenings and collaborations.
  • Increase our national and international reach through partnerships and digital opportunities.
  • Always be open online across all spaces and surfaces where a connection with audiences is available.


We empower Australians to become informed, media literate and engaged citizens. In a world saturated with information and content we provide context and relevance, use audiovisual media in thought-provoking ways and find creative opportunities to educate and challenge audiences while providing a safe space for discussion and debate. At a time of misinformation and division, we are a trusted partner and source of knowledge.

Opportunities and activities 

  • Make the collection relevant through context, interpretation, expertise and by connecting it to topical issues of today and tomorrow.
  • Maximise the collection’s potential to have a positive impact on society and contribute to reconciliation, social justice, accessibility, equity, inclusion and diversity.
  • In consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, seek to understand our responsibilities and opportunities to further truth telling as part of our commitment to Reconciliation.
  • Create a safe and inclusive space for robust discussion and the amplification of under-represented voices.
  • Take a leadership role in the development of media literacy in Australia, as an essential critical skill to understand, assess and interpret audiovisual content.
  • Seek out the education potential across our activities – from an exciting program onsite and online for students and useful curriculum-related resources for teachers, to inspiring a sense of discovery for all audiences in each interaction with the NFSA.
  • Pursue professional partnerships across industry and with the tertiary sector to develop and deliver world-class research and training.


We actively seek partnerships, as well as embrace unexpected collaborations, that lead to innovation and inspired storytelling. We are a trusted and energised partner to our cultural peers. We seek to provide leadership and share our expertise, internationally and at home.  

Opportunities and activities 

  • Build a strong reputation as a thought leader and innovator in our sector, and continue to grow and leverage our relevance, influence and trustworthiness.
  • Deliver high value and expertise and become a preferred collaborator and partner for any creative and/or institution working with audiovisual media.
  • Extend our digitisation activities for external stakeholders through a range of partnerships and collaborative arrangements.
  • Join forces and embrace synergies with our peers, ensuring that we maximise the impact of the Australian Government investment in the NFSA across the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) sector. 
  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander innovation, storytelling, language revival and cultural sustainability in Canberra and on Country, and employ best-practice Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property protocols.
  • Develop a new physical home to house our collection and technical facilities – including fit-for-purpose spaces to connect stakeholders with the collection – and immerse them in meaningful learning experiences and storytelling pathways. 


We build and develop a brave and passionate team of world-class experts and thought leaders, working collaboratively with each other and our partners to achieve our shared goals and to live our shared adventures. We believe that there is true value in inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility, and we will reflect this in our workforce and through our actions. We aspire to be a user-centric, future-forward workplace of choice.

Opportunities and activities 

  • Thrive by working effectively across functions, branches and reporting lines at all APS levels.
  • Empower our team to be proactive, responsive and accountable in an ever-changing environment.
  • Embrace a user-centric approach, maximising value for users and visitors.
  • Invest in a cultural change program, allowing us to be increasingly collaborative and agile to and define our values, together.
  • Undertake a Workforce Planning process to ensure we have the right people in the right roles and identify known and untapped staff capabilities and development opportunities.
  • Develop and maintain policies to increase the recruitment and retention, as well as procurement of services from, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, and to increase the diversity of our workforce.
  • Implement a wide-ranging Reconciliation Action Plan that is embraced by all staff, both in spirit and in their day-to-day work.


Previous Strategic Plans

Download: NFSA: Strategic Vision for a Digital Archive (2018)

Download: NFSA Strategic Plan 2016 to 2020 (2016)