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Dec 2014

2014 at the NFSA, Part 2

Tens of thousands of items are collected by the NFSA each year. What did we collect in 2014? Part 2 includes wild sounds, rock stars, Indigenous music and Mardi Gras.

By Adam Blackshaw / 29 Dec 2014
Oral History
Sep 2014

Donation of rare disc

The first known Australian to make a commercially released recording, the long forgotten Syria Lamonte, is now preserved by the NFSA thanks to the kind donation of an 1898 recording acquired by Roger Neill.

By Tamara Osicka / 15 Sep 2014
Apr 2014

Countdown to our 30th

Saturday 5 April 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the announcement in Parliament by Barry Cohen, Minister for Home Affairs and Environment, that the government would establish an autonomous National Film and Sound Archive.

By Clair Hurford / 3 Apr 2014
Oral History