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Mar 2021

April at Arc Cinema

What's on at the NFSA's Arc cinema in Canberra in April?

By Ellen Espagne / 22 Mar 2021
Feb 2021

February at Arc Cinema

What's on at the NFSA's Arc cinema in Canberra for the remainder of February?

By Ellen Espagne / 16 Feb 2021

March at Arc Cinema

What's on at the NFSA's Arc cinema in Canberra in March?

By Karina Libbey / 15 Feb 2021
May 2016

Winter at Arc

Louise Sheedy previews the upcoming Arc cinema screenings in our winter 2016 program.

By Louise Sheedy / 25 May 2016
Jan 2015

Disney at the NFSA

To mark the beginning of our Disney classics season at Arc cinema, Miguel Gonzalez explores some of the Disney items held in the NFSA collection.

By Miguel Gonzalez / 5 Jan 2015
Oct 2012

It was such a Lovely time...

Dr. Jeannette Delamoir's PhD in media studies explored the construction of Louise Lovely's star persona, so she didn't hesitate when Arc Cinema asked her to introduce two of Lovely's films during the Spring Silents season.

By Jeannette Delamoir / 9 Oct 2012
Jun 2012

NFSA Connects with Red Dog

Director Kriv Stenders and editor Jill Bilcock discuss the making of 'Red Dog' with Queensland high school students for the latest NFSA Connects.

By Imelda Cooney / 15 Jun 2012
May 2012

NFSA Connects Ten Canoes

Watch videos from the Q&A between NSW school students and Ten Canoes director Rolf de Heer and actor Frances Djulibing.

By Imelda Cooney / 24 May 2012
Nov 2011

Ten Canoes

The everyday lives of a group of Sydney private school girls, a renowned film director and an Indigenous actress couldn't be any more different, yet they all found some common ground through the NFSA Connects program.

By Imelda Cooney / 21 Nov 2011
Jul 2011

The Adventures of Jonathan Dennis

Emma Kelly explores the connections between the NFSA and Jonathan Dennis, the founding director of the New Zealand Film Archive.

By Emma Kelly / 26 Jul 2011