Map of Australia, showing names of its capital cities, regional centres, states and territories

Top 10 YouTube clips

Take a look at our most popular online videos
 Imelda Cooney

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1. Life in Australia: Sydney (1966)

A promotional film for Sydney, New South Wales, made in 1966.

2. Action in Vietnam (1966)

3. Life in Australia: Adelaide (1966)

A promotional film for Adelaide, South Australia, made in 1966.

4. Change the World in 5 Minutes – Everyday at School (2007)

5. Roller Derby Dolls (2008)

6. Life in Australia: Perth (1965)

A promotional film for Perth, Western Australia, made in 1965.

7. Postcard from Perth (1954)

8. Transport in Australia: Railways at Work (1964)

9. Sydney’s Harbour Bridge (1933)

10. Another Sunny Day – FAC Archive mix and mash (footage from 1940s – 1970s)