NFSA connects with '4'

Violinist Niki Vasilakis and producer Joanna Buggy
 Imelda Cooney
(l-r) Joanna Buggy, Niki Vasilakis and Imelda Cooney

On 16 September, highly-acclaimed violinist, Niki Vasilakis and producer Joanna Buggy discussed the documentary film 4 via videoconference with over 60 music and media students from around the state of South Australia, including students at the event’s location – Christies Beach High School, south of Adelaide.

Made in 2007, 4 revolves around four internationally-renowned violinists who go on a journey inspired by Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’.


Filmed in four continents through the four seasons Niki Vasilakis, as one of the featured violinist, plays the summer movement at a concert on a hot, humid and stormy Thursday Island.

Organised by NFSA’s [p[School Screen]] as the inaugural NFSA Connects event, Niki and Joanna fielded questions from students as far away as Streaky Bay (700km west of Adelaide) and Kingston (300km east of Adelaide). The students had watched the film prior to the videoconference and asked a variety of questions about the making of the documentary as well as Niki’s personal journey with music.
Port Broughton AS on videoconference.


This opportunity to engage with professionals in the creative arts industry, to learn about their experiences and hear stories of their working lives was declared a rousing success by all involved. Many thanks to all the students and staff who participated and to Christies Beach High School for hosting the event. 

You can now watch videos from the event online.