Album cover for Christmas Wishes from Lindsay and Joan. Features Joan and Lindsay posing for the camera; he is holidng a guitar.

Merry Indie Christmas

Do you have a Christmas song for us?
 Tessa Elieff

At Christmas time, the Sound Curators research and acquire a small number of compositions by independent Australian artists for preservation in the NFSA collection. These songs and artists are unique because their work has not been published by a major label, and it isn't easily found. These songs have been carefully selected; they are a refreshing take on Christmas, and will be unknown to a majority of our listeners. You can discover a small selection in this playlist, including:

  • Annie Bryant, a singer-songwriter-guitarist who composes stories and songs for children, inspired by Mother Nature and a general love for life.
  • Lindsay and Joan, who have been composing and performing together for 27 years, beginning with their arrival in the Taree/Forster region of NSW.
  • Lehmann B Smith, whose 'Secret Santa' features swampy funk instrumentation and an eponymous super-sleuth hero who doles out tacky throwaway gifts, rather than justice, to those deemed ‘naughty’.
  • Ellen Sorensen, a New Zealand artist living in Australia who paints a quietly aching portrait of the bittersweet nostalgia we can feel when having Christmas away from home and family.
  • Victorian Railways Christmas greetings recorded on 17 December 1974, featuring train sound effects and a soundtrack of Jingle Bells.

Call for unique Christmas compositions

Do you have a unique Christmas tale to tell and song to sing? The NFSA is inviting independent musicians, bands, singers and songwriters to submit their Christmas songs for consideration for the NFSA collection.

Please submit content to, with an accompanying paragraph telling us about yourself and the story behind your song. Content must be provided to the NFSA under a Creative Commons agreement (Attribution. Non commercial) and received before 30 January 2018. All genres welcome, from folk to punk and everything in between!