Emerging Cinematographer Edward Goldner

At Budapest Cinematography Masterclass
 Edward Goldner

Attending the Budapest Cinematography Masterclass is something that I have long wanted to do. In recent weeks, that dream has become possible after I was fortunate enough to win the NFSA-ACS John Leake OAM Award for an Emerging Cinematographer.

Whilst preparing my application to the NSFA/ACS, I spent a great deal of time mulling over ways in which people like myself — newcomers to the film industry — could best grow in their chosen field. In my particular case, one thing that I have a great deal to learn from is contact with older, experienced industry practitioners.

The Budapest Cinematography Masterclass stood out to me as an institution that offered exactly that. The biannual course spans 15 days and provides students with intensive practical and theoretical workshops on camera and lighting. In past years, the program has been run by some of the world’s most prolific cinematographers –- Vilmos Zsigmond ACS, Laszlo Kovacs ACS and John Schwartzman ACS, just to name a few.

Being exposed to such a wealth of experience, whilst meeting other young cinematographers from around the world, will be an amazing experience. I have spoken to a number of peers who have attended the course in recent years and as far back as 1998, all of whom had an amazing time and credited the Masterclass as generating a huge degree of growth.

At this stage, I have sent off my application to Hungary and hope to hear back in coming weeks. Upon confirmation of a place in the class, I will book flights, then be more or less good to go.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NFSA and ACS for providing such a generous amount of support. Programs like this are extremely rare and provide invaluable opportunities to people like myself to gain a foothold from which to pursue their careers.

Cinematographer Edward Goldner behind the camera.