Edward Goldner

Budapest and beyond
 Clair Hurford

The 2014 Australian Cinematographers Society National Awards are just around the corner, so we’re catching up with the previous recipients of the NFSA-ACS John Leake OAM ACS Award.

This week we spoke with our 2011 winner, Edward Goldner.

What have been your career highlights since you won the Emerging Cinematographer Award in 2011?

I can’t think of one particular highlight in my career since winning – it’s more a case of loving the work that I’m getting to do and feeling extremely fortunate to work alongside people that I have a great deal of respect for.

What kind of benefits did you get from this award; did it help you in any way?

The award made if possible for me to attend the Budapest Cinematography Masterclass, where I learned a great deal. Aside from getting access to amazing cinematographers like Vilmos Zsigmond, I also really enjoyed meeting other young cinematographers from around the world.

What is your favourite/least favourite part of working on TVCs?

I really enjoy shooting commercials. The short format allows you to move between projects quickly, making everything fresh. I have been fortunate to work with some great directors.

What sets a good cinematographer apart from the rest? What are the main skills they have, regardless of the camera they’re using?

I believe being a ‘good’ cinematographer is made up of both one’s creative and social approach to the job. Having a great eye, knowing how to work with light and being able to adapt to the array of different equipment in the market is crucial. Beyond this, I hold a lot of value in being a supportive collaborator to the directors, producers that I work with.

What are the main challenges for young cinematographers at the moment?

Young cinematographers are in a great position at the moment. I’ve found older generations in the industry to be very giving with their knowledge whilst being open to new processes/approaches that I’m bringing to the table.