Celebrating the preservation, survival and recognition of sound heritage

The Cochrane Smith Award for Sound Heritage celebrates the achievements of a person who has made a substantial contribution to the preservation, survival and recognition of sound heritage. It is named for Fanny Cochrane Smith, who features on the only known recording of Tasmanian Aboriginal songs and language.

This contribution can take a number of different forms:

  • contribution to greater public recognition of the value of sound heritage
  • technical innovation supporting preservation and dissemination of sound heritage
  • scholarship, research and publication in the field of sound heritage
  • commercial presentation and publication of heritage sound
  • artistic achievement drawing on or informed by sound heritage
  • advocacy, sponsorship and/or fundraising in support of sound heritage.


Recipients of the Cochrane Smith Award for Sound Heritage

Ros Bandt


2012 – Dr Ros Bandt

For inspiring Australian and international sound artists, and working tirelessly to ensure their art is recognised, understood and respected.



Bill Armstrong


2011 – Bill Armstrong

For his contribution to documenting the industry, which has involved the undertaking of oral history interviews with key industry players and the re-mastering and re-releasing of seminal Australian recordings on his Bilarm label.



Dr Karl Neuenfeldt


2010 – Dr Karl Neuenfeldt

For his substantial contribution to the collection, preservation and dissemination of Torres Strait Islander culture, through his work as a sound engineer, field recordist, oral historian, author and musicologist.



What is the Cochrane Smith Award for Sound Heritage?