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Old school hip hop sampling techniques
 Matt Cornell

Hip-hop artist-in-residence and contemporary dancer Matt Cornell is creating a hip-hop folk music album by mashing up the NFSA collection. Halfway through the research process, Matt shares his philosophy on the future of making music.

Old-school hip-hop sampling techniques present even older school responsibility for the future we are creating.

Think of it as digging through crates, though instead of looking for the best James Brown sample, I’m looking for gems of Australian identity: specifically ambition, resolve and individual empowerment. I cut up these old recordings and play them MPC style then compose them in Ableton Live.

We are ever increasingly being catered for, to the point where one need never learn how to cook. This is only a metaphor to demonstrate the changing of the average Australian’s relationship to their land and each other.

I do not advocate a return to romanticised times of the past, but fear a world where the only skill one needs is to channel money toward their proprietorship.

I aim to present a country and its people at a point in history where one’s contribution extended beyond their resources or appetite for economic stimulus – distilled into relevant, engaging music.

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Matt Cornell will introduce the screening of Planet B-Boy at Arc cinema on Friday 25 February at 7 pm. The film will be followed by an open floor B-Boy jam with DJ set and live acoustic band accompaniment, sampling items from the NFSA collection sourced during Matt’s research. Tickets available from the box office – telephone 02 6248 2000.

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