NFSA Connects with '4'

Watch violinist Niki Vasilakis and producer Joanna Buggy
 Imelda Cooney

Producer Joanna Buggy and highly acclaimed solo violinist Niki Vasilakis from Adelaide discussed the classical music documentary 4 with high school students in South Australia.

Watch the videos from the event below.

Joanna Buggy explains how decisions were made about locations and connecting them to the music

Niki Vasilakis talks of different interpretations of music

Joanna Buggy describes the varied weather conditions during filming

Niki Vasilakis talks of learning to connect with music emotionally

Joanna Buggy explains the editing process of the documentary

Niki Vasilakis describes her inspiration for playing the violin

Joanna Buggy describes the genesis of the film

Niki Vasilakis responds to the question 'Have you ever been called a music nerd?’

Niki Vasilakis talks of how different cultures are able to connect through music

Niki Vasilakis talks of why she picked the violin and not another instrument

Niki Vasilakis describes how she chooses her music

Niki Vasilakis talks of how emotions affect her playing

Niki Vasilakis describes how life is always changing, personally and musically

Niki Vasilakis describes why she took up violin and who inspired her