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Voices against the Vietnam War

03-31 May
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Arc Cinema
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The decade that was the ‘Vietnam Era’ (1965-1975) became synonymous with radicalism. We present a season of counter-culture hits combining protest with heart, wit and a healthy dose of mayhem. 

Part of Wednesdays @ NFSA: weekly screenings of rare, cult and otherwise little-seen cinema treasures from around the world, presented in association with the Friends of the NFSA.


Screening program

M*A*S*H - 3 May, 6:30PM

Shorts from the counterculture - 10 May, 7:00PM

The Wild Bunch (Directors cut) - 17 May, 7:00PM

The Killing Fields (6:00PM) + NFSA Restores: The Odd Angry Shot (8:30PM) - 24 May

No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger - 31 May, 7:00PM