We Don't Need a Map

Date information27 January-03 February
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Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$8

Filmmaker Warwick Thornton, 2017 Venice Lion award-winner, investigates our relationship to the Southern Cross in this fun and thought-provoking ride through Australia's cultural and political landscape.


Session times

Saturday 27 January: 3:00pm / 5:00pm / 7:00pm

Sunday 28 January: 5:30pm

Monday 29 January: 10:00am / 6:30pm

Tuesday 30 January: 10:00am / 6:30pm

Wednesday 31 January: 10:00am / 6:30pm

Thursday 1 February: 10:00am / 6:30pm

Friday 2 February: 10:00am / 6:30pm

Saturday 3 February: 3:00pm / 5:00pm / 7:00pm

‘At once benignly mischievous and profoundly serious, We Don’t Need a Map… explores the Southern Cross constellation, culturally integral to Australia’s Indigenous peoples and inevitably massaged and reinterpreted by the white Europeans who later settled the continent. As such it is a pertinent message for the director’s countrymen and an eye-opening lesson for the world about the proud history and ongoing racial tensions that currently form the crux of the Australian experience… The film manages to achieve that unique tone of Australian self-deprecation tempered by frustration but resolutely remaining positive about the future. Under the watchful gaze of the Southern Cross, someone says, it’s “a great comfort having that big fella up there.”’ - Eddie Cockrell, Variety

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