Tracey Moffatt double feature

21 February
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10/$8 (double bill)

Tracey Moffatt double feature

Night Cries: 1990 | G | 19mins | Australia | D: Tracey Moffatt
beDevil: 1993 | PG | 90mins | Australia | D: Tracey Moffatt   

Tracey Moffatt was working on the nexus of the cinema and the art gallery long before her contemporaries, as with these two beautifully visual films.

Featuring an introduction from Curatorial Consultant Gael Newton, on cinema photography in the art gallery.

‘Place is central to BeDevil, and these sites serve as a locus for stories which intersect and co-exist. While each of these locations is in Queensland, they frequently appear unreal, as Moffatt’s cinematic aesthetic deliberately exhibits an artificial quality. This reminds us that we are viewers, watching a trilogy of non-linear short stories unfold, woven together by several narrators. This act of looking is fundamental to BeDevil. Through adopting the portmanteau structure, Moffatt fashions windows that offer insights into diverse experiences, with a particular emphasis on generating a space for women to tell their stories.’ - Kate Robinson, Senses of Cinema


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Images from Tracey Moffatt’s BeDevil feature in the exhibition Starstruck: Australian Movie Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, 10 November 2017 to 4 March 2018.