The Surge

21 May
6.00PM & 8:30PM
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$25 / $20

The 1990s were a riot of transformation that redefined both Australia and the world.

‘Creative Nation’ announced the central role of art in life and society, while the Mabo decision set off a chain reaction culminating in Paul Keating’s historic 'Redfern Address' and the Australian Parliament’s landmark Native Title Act in 1993.

The internet began to insinuate itself into every corner of contemporary experience, reshaping everything it touched. The scientific community, meanwhile, spoke with increasing urgency of the mounting evidence of anthropogenic climate change, while politicians turned a deaf ear.

What are the sounds of this crucial decade? Joined by Queensland band Topology and up-and-coming guitarists Andrew Blanch and Ariel Nurhadi, Ensemble Offspring revisits classics from the 90s alongside five new commissions reflecting on the cultural, climate and political situations Australia finds itself in today.

With video by Peachey and Mosig, this will be a multi-layered feast of music, ideas, lessons from the past and – with a little luck – hope for the decade ahead. 

Please note: there are two sessions, 6.00pm and 8.30pm


Redfern Address (2021) - composer Paul Mac 
Tropica (2008) - composer Peter Sculthorpe 
Interludes (2021) WP - composer Jessica Wells 
Net Surfing (2021) WP - composer Robert Davidson 
Tipping Point (2021) WP - composer Felicity Wilcox 
Tall Tales But True (1992) - composer Nigel Westlake 


Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Jason Noble (clarinet)
Sonya Lifschitz (piano) 
Veronique Serret (violin) 
Ben Ward (double bass)
Andrew Blanch (guitar)
Ariel Nurhadi (guitar)
Peachey & Mosig (video) 

Main image: Kevin Saunders, 2020


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