Strictly Ballroom

22 June
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10

Strictly Ballroom, the first film in Baz Luhrmann's Red Curtain Trilogy, is a celebration of popular culture, dancing, pop music and multiculturalism. 

The quirky, low-budget Aussie film that became a global smash tells the compelling story of a maverick ballroom dancing champion who longs to dance his own steps.

While most will remember the use of John Paul Young's disco classic 'Love is in the Air', the film also includes a sophisticated and playful BAFTA-winning score by the Australian composer David Hirschfelder.

His music references and interweaves known songs and instrumental numbers to explore the cultural clash between the different groups of dancers.

'Strictly Ballroom became the seventh most successful film of all time at the Australian box office and a cult hit in America. It provided a springboard to bigger things for the former opera director on a mission to shower audiences with style and spectacle. Luhrmann’s ambition soared as his stocks grew. Nothing was too loud, grand or colourful; no literary source too precious or revered' – Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian

'Listen to the rhythm of your heart in Strictly Ballroom, where tears and laughter blend seamlessly in an extravagantly theatrical story about love, dreams and overcoming your fears' – Lousie Keller, Urban Cinefile

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