The Squatter's Daughter

7 March
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10/$8

Life and love on a sheep station in Ken G Hall’s early ‘talkie’.

Joan Enderby (Jocelyn Howarth) is about to lose her family’s sheep station, because she can’t afford to buy out the lease from the Sherringtons, who run the neighbouring station, Waratah. Old ‘Ironbark’ Sherrington (W Lane Bayliff) returns after two years in London, where doctors have tried to save his sight. While away, his villainous son Clive (John Warwick) has conspired with his overseer, Fletcher (Les Warton) to bankrupt Enderby station. Joan’s troubles are solved when a benefactor offers to buy 3,000 head of sheep at a high price. She doesn’t know that the money comes from Wayne Ridgeway (Grant Lindsay), a tall stranger recently arrived in the district.


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