Season: Summer school holidays

Date information07-13 January
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Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10

There are cat people and there are dog people. This summer holidays, families might have to pick a side! Drawing from the NFSA collection, we explore the on-screen lives of cats and canines, kitties and pups.


Program: Cool cat matinees

Puss In Boots - 7 January, 10.00am

Felix the Cat and Tom & Jerry shorts - 8 January, 10.00am

Garfield: The Movie - 9 January, 10.00am

The Cat Returns - 10 January, 10.00am

The Aristocats - 11 January, 10.00am

The Lion King - 12 January, 10.00am

Kedi - 13 January, 10.00am

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Program: Dog day afternoons

Red Dog - 7 January, 2.00pm

Red Dog:True Blue - 8 January, 2.00pm

Bolt - 9 January, 2.00pm

Isle of Dogs - 10 January, 2.00pm

101 Dalmations - 11 January, 2.00pm

Best of Top Dog Film Festival - 12 January, 2.00pm

Oddball - 13 January, 2.00pm

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