Season: Lost Horizons - Frank Capra's America

26 February
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Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$14/$12 (Full season pass $75/70)

To celebrate the NFSA restoration of the lost Capra film, Three Days to Live, we spend February with the Godfather of screwball comedy. Join us for a month of Hollywood charm, wit and grace, in the glow of 'Capra's touch'.

NFSA Restores: Three Days to Live - 5 February, 2pm (with live musical accompaniment)

Lost Horizon - 5 February, 4:30pm

It Happened One Night - 12 February, 2pm

American Madness - 12 February, 4pm

The Miracle Woman - 19 February, 2pm

The Bitter Tea of General Yen - 19 February, 4pm

Prelude to War and It's a Wonderful Life (3:15pm) - 26 February (ticket price includes entry to both films)