Season: Brian Trenchard-Smith, Ozploitation King

Date information13-26 July
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Location informationArc Cinema
Event costAll tickets $10 ($70 season pass)

The NFSA presents a retrospective of the work of Ozploitation king, Brian Trenchard-Smith. Director of BMX Bandits and The Man From Hong Kong, Trenchard-Smith has also made many telemovies, TV episodes and over 100 trailers for Hammer horror films and Australian films of the 1970s and 80s. This season, selected by our Film and TV curators in consultation with Trenchard-Smith, is drawn almost entirely from the NFSA collection.



Dead-End Drive-In (+ Q&A with Brian Trenchard-Smith) - 13 July, 6.30pm

Night of the Demons 2 - 13 July, 8.45pm

Deathcheaters + The Dangerous Summer - 14 July, 5.00pm

Britannic + Hospitals Don't Burn - 14 July, 7.30pm

Turkey Shoot - 19 July, 6.30pm

Sahara - 19 July, 8.15pm

Stunt Rock - 20 July, 6.30pm

The Siege of Firebase Gloria - 20 July, 8.15pm

Straight To Video: Rarities Marathon - 21 July, 12 noon to 12 midnight

Kung Fu Killers - 26 July, 6.30pm

The Man From Hong Kong - 26 July, 8.15pm