Saturday Morning Cartoons: Combat Wombat

9 January
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10

Saturday Morning Cartoons is our monthly spot for cartoon lovers – young and young at heart. From classic Aussie TV, to recent animated films, there’s something different every month, but always in the name of fun! Join us after the screening each month for a themed activity!  

On the outskirts of Sanctuary City lives Maggie Diggins (voiced by Deborah Mailman), a cantankerous wombat who now lives a solitary existence in her cosy burrow. 

On a midnight chocolate run to the convenience store, she unwittingly stops an altercation between a gang of Drop Bears and a young sugar glider.

The superhero-obsessed sugar glider, named Sweetie (Ed Oxenbould), marvels over Maggie’s crime-fighting antics and she is thrust into the limelight as the township’s newest superhero. 

Spurred on by Sweetie, Maggie becomes Combat Wombat, a friendly-yet-fierce female crime fighter. She soon finds herself ruffling the feathers of Flightless Feather (Frank Woodley), a conceited cassowary. 

When Maggie uncovers a massive conspiracy that could endanger everyone, it’s a race against time for Maggie and Sweetie to reveal the truth and save the city. 

Join us after the screening for an arts and craft session making superhero masks. 

‘The film takes its audience on a wild and unconventionally funny adventure without skipping a beat’ - Screenhub  



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