Night of the Living Dead (4K Restoration)

13 April
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$15/$13

Celebrate Friday the 13th and the 50th birthday of one of the greatest horror films of all time by joining us for the Australian premiere of its restoration.

In this genius piece of low-budget filmmaking, zombies terrorise the inhabitants of a small house who are trying to escape a mystery epidemic of flesh-eating monsters.

Romero’s classic has been subjected, because of its public domain status, to well over 100 home video releases of deteriorated quality. The film has now been restored to its full, original glory by the Museum of Modern Art and the Film Foundation, working from the original camera negative which was carefully guarded by the members of Image Ten, the Pittsburgh partnership that originally produced it. The restoration was overseen by George A Romero and Image Ten, with restoration work done by Cineric Inc, NYC and Audio Mechanics, Burbank, CA.

'George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead set the standard for horror, and the figure of the zombie in its myriad incarnations on screens large and small. Until now, however, it has been impossible to truly appreciate the film’s formal beauty and visceral power. Our state-of-the-art restoration draws upon the best original visual and audio elements previously thought to have been lost, ensuring that audiences will be able to enjoy Night of the Living Dead as originally intended by its creators for generations to come.'  - Joshua Siegel, MoMA Film Curator.


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