NFSA Restores Starstruck

6 January
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$5

Gillian Armstrong has a love for adventurous fashion and her 1982 film Starstruck is an ambitious and fashion-forward musical comedy.

'Starstruck was almost too perfect as a place for Kennedy to begin her film career: its leading character is (like Kennedy herself) very much as a star, a natural talent, a fount of energy. As Jackie Mullens, an 18-year-old who works behind the bar of her mother’s pub in The Rocks and dreams of being a professional singer, Kennedy is perfect, both confident and vulnerable in her ambition. This confidence is key, because she’s part of a youth movement desperate for success, and without energy would not be able to support herself as a singer. Jackie is partly classical in her performance of stardom, but she is also disruptive with her punk aesthetic attitude and refusal to conform to expectations or follow the rules. She stands out from the crowd – and sometimes literally above the crowd, on a tightrope – on her own terms.' -Eloise Ross, Senses of Cinema.


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Bliss Swift’s on-set stills photography during the production of Gillian Armstrong’s Starstruck (1982) features in the exhibition Starstruck: Australian Movie Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, 10 November 2017 to 4 March 2018.