NFSA Restores: The Odd Angry Shot + Q&A

3 August
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10

Directed by Tom Jeffrey, and benefiting from the authentic costume design of Anna Senior, the 1979 film features an all-star cast including Graham Kennedy, Bryan Brown and John Hargreaves.

Join us after the screening for a Q&A with costume designer Anna Senior.

The Odd Angry Shot follows a single tour of duty of an Australia Special Air Service Regiment reconnaissance team in Vietnam, and their daily life in camp.

It is less a film about the politics of Australia’s involvement in the war, than about the men, the conflict and their adjustment to life back home.

It deals with the Vietnam War through the eyes of professional soldiers rather than officers or conscripts. The Odd Angry Shot was not the Vietnam War movie that some Australian critics wanted or expected when it was released in 1979, although audiences liked it, partly because it’s very funny.

It is probably a more realistic portrait of an Australian soldier’s experience of Vietnam than any American movie could be – especially in its depiction of the boredom and camaraderie of life on the war’s margins.

These troops are in a backwater of operations. There are hardly any Vietnamese in their daily life. Death and killing are a feature, but infrequent. The only constants are the men they live with, so the film is about what used to be called mateship.

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