The Matrix: 20th Anniversary screening + Q&A - SOLD OUT

14 September
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$12/$10


When The Matrix was released in 1999, it proved to be highly influential. The combination of cutting-edge technology and the philosophical narrative blew viewers’ minds.

It was energetic, action-packed, smart and featured such a visually recognisable style that The Matrix is still frequently referenced in popular culture.

Twenty years on, we celebrate the many Australians who crafted this landmark film (shot mostly in Sydney) – from production to VFX, costume design to sound effects.

Join Executive Producer Andrew Mason and Film Curator Nathan Smith in conversation.

Presented in 4K remastered DCP

'A technologically stunning movie that furthers the genre and features crowd-pleasing performances to go with the frequent scenes of gunplay and violence' – The Hollywood Reporter

'The Wachowskis and cinematographer Bill Pope take advantage of currently available technical trickery to create visually distinct levels of reality while setting high-speed cameras in motion to make the action sequences particularly dynamic and fluid' – Chicago Tribune

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