Mad Max: Fury Road - Black and Chrome

MA 15+
2 January
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10

The colour-stripped version of George Miller’s Fury Road, the latest entry in the Mad Max franchise and deserved winner of six Oscars.

'The Black and Chrome Edition is based off the "slash dupe" made available to the sound team for scoring and foley work, and the result is a colourless image where the "white" spaces seem almost to gleam like silver, and the edges of darker objects have the gritty buzz of hastily-scratched pencil work. Black-and-white film can look cold and sterile; this looks like oil on a hot engine … This new look only confirms it – Fury Road is a modern classic that will ride forever, shiny and chrome, on the highways of Valhalla. Audience reaction will determine whether the Black and Chrome Edition is definitive; we can only tell that it is essential.' – Filmink

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