The Living Koheiji

Unclassified 15+
21 September
Location informationArc Cinema
Event costFree (bookings essential)

Set during the Edo period, The Living Koheiji is director Nobuo Nakagawa’s final film.

In this theatrical ghost story, unpopular kabuki actor Kohata Koheiji is desperately in love with his best friend’s wife. After a jealous feud leads to Koheiji’s unexpected death, he reappears to haunt his best friend Nako Takuro, whose grief and guilt leave him adrift in a world between dreams and reality – testing the strength of his wife’s love.

Based on Suzuki Senzaburo’s 1924 play, Nakagawa’s film adaptation upholds the original kabuki style of short, poetic dialogue, along with traditional kabuki instruments and songs, in order to convey this mysterious, eerie tale.

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