Kill Bill: 20th Anniversary Double Feature – 35mm

Close up of actor Uma Thurman holding a sword in both hands and wearing a yellow tracksuit with a black stripe in a scene from Kill Bill Volume 1.
14 October
6:00pm, 8:30pm
Arc Cinema
Double Pass $18/$15 or $12/$10 individually

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kill Bill: Volume 1, please join us for a special double screening of both volumes of Quentin Tarantino’s martial arts revenge classic  presented on 35mm film!

When The Bride (Uma Thurman) wakes up after a four-year coma, the only thing on her mind is revenge. But to get the chance to kill Bill (David Carradine), she will need to travel around the world, defeat her former friends in the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (Vivica A Fox, Daryl Hannah, Lucy Liu and Michael Madsen) and cut a bloody path through anyone else who stands in her way.

Tickets for both films are available at a special double-pass price of $18 ($15 concession) or can be bought individually for $12 ($10 concession).

‘Brutally bloody and thrillingly callous from first to last’  The Guardian

'A gargantuanly entertaining double feature’  TIME Magazine


Screening times

Kill Bill: Volume 1, 35mm - Sat 14 Oct, 6pm

Kill Bill: Volume 2, 35mm - Sat 14 Oct, 8:30pm



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