Japanese Film Festival Classics

Date information21-22 September
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Location informationArc Cinema
Event costFree (bookings essential)

Japanese Film Festival Classics presents a selection of films that unveil age-old ghost stories and chilling tales from the spirit realm. Grief and Vengeance: Otherworldly Tales features a line-up of films from master filmmaker Nobuo Nakagawa, who pioneered the Japanese horror film genre. Beyond the suspense-filled, psychological horrors of this selection of films is a glimpse into traditional Japanese folklore and the spirit world spanning many eras.

This free classics program is a satellite event of the annual Japanese Film Festival. Presented by the Japan Foundation, Sydney and made possible through the support of the Japan Foundation Film Library.


The Ghost Story of Yotsuya (1959, 76mins) - 21 September, 12.00pm

Black Cat Mansion (1958, 69mins) - 21 September, 2.00pm

The Adventures of Tobisuke (1949, 81mins) - 22 September, 12.00pm

Black Cat Mansion (1958, 69mins) - 22 September, 2.00pm