I, Olga Hepnarova

MA 15+
12 October
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$15/$13

Rising Polish actress Michalina Olszañska puts in an astonishing, Czech Lion-winning performance as Olga Hepnarová, the last woman executed in Czechoslovakia, in this gripping true crime story – less a film about a notorious mass murderer and more a claustrophobic existential drama.Olga is a downtrodden, young queer woman in the dreary, austere Prague of the early ‘70s whose coming of age only reinforces her sense of alienation from a society she feels sees her as a 'Prügelknabe' – someone who exists simply to be trampled all over.

Olszañska appears in almost every shot, all of them rendered in beautiful black-and-white by renowned Polish cinematographer Adam Sikora, in a film which has drawn comparisons with the work of masters like Robert Bresson and Carl Dreyer.


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