MA 15+
18 October
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10 (season pass 8 sessions $65)

At the beginning of the 19th century, a strange nobleman (played with charismatic aplomb by Karel Dobrý) returns after years abroad to a small Bohemian village.

Paganism and Christianity have both staked a foothold there but neither much interests the Baron. Preoccupied with restoring, and lodging curiously close to, the ponds on the family estate, he does come to have one interest in common with his subjects: he’s transfixed by the beauty of the free-spirited Katynka (Simona Zmrzlá). However, notwithstanding his higher station, would she not spurn him were she to discover his alarming true nature – if nature even be the right word?

Renowned jazz singer and actor Ondřej Havelka has made a wonderful debut film – one of the most invigorating fractured fairy tales in many a long year – in this handsome adaptation of the celebrated novel of the same name by Miloš Urban.

Preceded by a short film Springman and the SS (D: Jiří Trnka and Jiří Brdečka, 1946. 13 mins)

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