Friday Lates: Halloween Creature Features

1 November
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$25/$20 (double feature; incl. entry to Game Masters exhibition)

Double feature including entry to Game Masters: The Exhibition from 5.00pm – 8.00pm. Bar open late.

Double feature

Razorback - 6.30pm: D. Russell Mulcahy; 1984, M, 95 mins, Australia, 4K remastered DCP

Before directing Highlander, Russell Mulcahy made this tongue-in-cheek but strikingly shot creature feature.

A wild boar terrorises the Australian outback, killing and devouring humans. Jake, having lost his son to the beast, vows revenge, enlisting the help of Carl, an American in search of his missing wife. It’s Jaws on trotters!

'Razorback is a work of gut-busting visual bravado' – The Guardian


NFSA Restores Howling III: The Marsupials - 8.15pm: D. Philippe Mora; 1987, M, 94 mins, Australia, DCP

Jerboa is a werewolf who escapes her tribe to seek refuge in Sydney. She meets and falls in love with Donny Martin, who refuses to believe she’s a werewolf.

Their union results in the birth of a marsupial werewolf baby that Jerboa and Donny will have to protect from those who seek to capture the child.

'If you see only one werewolf movie this year, you might as well make it Howling III, Philippe Mora's not-altogether straight-faced howler on behalf of lycanthropes' liberation' – The New York Times

'Satire and parody are very difficult because you rely on the intelligence of the audience, which is uncontrollable. Sometimes it takes time to be understood, although how anyone could take Howling III as "straight" is still beyond me' – Director Philippe Mora


Friday Lates: Experience Game Masters after hours, with all-night access to 80 playable games, the bar open late and music in the Courtyard.

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