The Firemen’s Ball

21 October
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10 (season pass 8 sessions $65)

The last film Miloš Forman shot in his native country before exiling himself to the United States and, ultimately, multiple Oscar glories, is an hilarious satire skewering committee authority.

Famously, it was so on-the-mark in post-occupation Czechoslovakia that it was one of four films immediately 'banned forever'.

Scripted with fellow New Wave greats Jaroslav Papoušek and Ivan Passer, and with a cast largely made up of non-professionals to lend authenticity to the spiralling mayhem, Forman’s classic comedy concerns an annual ball for the ageing firemen of a small village.

Daring to try something new to enliven proceedings, they introduce a raffle and a beauty pageant, only for best intentions to be scuppered by successions of petty conflicts, farcical mishaps, slapstick born of incompetence and officious pomposity, and brazen acts of thievery...

CaSFFA is proud to screen the digital restoration of The Firemen’s Ball courtesy of the National Film Archive in Prague.

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