Double feature: They Live + The Fog

22 March
6.00pm + 8.00pm
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10 (double feature) or $10 (single session)

Two newly 4K-restored cult classics from the master of horror John Carpenter.

They Live - 6.00pm; 1988, M, 93 mins

A homeless drifter (Roddy Piper) discovers a conspiracy by aliens who have infiltrated American society. With the help of special sunglasses that reveal the aliens' true faces and their subliminal messages (‘marry and reproduce’, ‘submit to authority’), he tries to stop the invasion.

‘A fantastically subversive film, a nifty little confection pitting us vs them, the haves vs the have-nots’ - Variety

The Fog - 8.00pm; 1980, M, 94 mins

A Northern California fishing town, built 100 years ago over an old leper colony, is targeted for revenge by a killer fog containing zombie-like ghosts seeking to avenge their own deaths. Janet Leigh stars opposite her daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis in this atmospheric chiller.

The Fog is […] the sort of crowd pleaser best enjoyed with an audience’ – The New York Times

‘It's one of the director's most atmospheric, the shots of a wave-lashed cove and fog-choked headland making the town's impending reckoning almost poetic’ – The Guardian


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