Doco of the Month: The Leadership

21 January
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$12/$10

Join us for the latest in documentary filmmaking. We’ll be celebrating diverse voices and intriguing personalities, uncovering truths from the exciting to the uncomfortable, and – most importantly – sharing real stories from Australia and around the world.

Some would argue the world needs a new model of leadership, but what is it and how can it be delivered?

Australian CEO and ‘dreamer’ Fabian Dattner believe she has the answer. She leads a group of 76 female scientists on a voyage to Antarctica designed to transform them into the leaders they can and want to be.

She believes that once these women are primed to lead in science, they will be able to make meaningful change in the world.  

During the journey, Dattner’s own leadership style and philosophy is tested, as the scientists reveal deeply personal stories of workplace harassment and more. 

The Leadership delivers an altogether unexpected and original reflection on what it takes to be a good leader, while unearthing the profoundly troubling systemic obstacles to women’s advancement in science and beyond.  

‘A potent and passionate documentary, profoundly relevant to these times’ - Sydney Film Festival 



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