Dario Argento: Horror Maestro

Date information20 September-04 October
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Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$15/$13 Season pass (7 films) $65/$55

Dario Argento’s name is synonymous with glorious cinematic excess; he is, quite simply, one of the finest horror filmmakers in the world. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of his cult classic Suspiria, this special season showcases his finest works - all bathed in wild colours, synthesised electro scores and hefty doses of blood and gore

Presented in association with GOMA.



The Bird With the Crystal Plumage - 20 September; 7:00pm

Suspiria (4K) - 22 September; 6:00pm

Inferno - 22 September; 8:00pm

Tenebrae - 27 September; 7:00pm

Phenomena - 29 September; 6:00pm

Deep Red - 29 September; 8:30pm

Opera - 4 October; 7:00pm