Daily Program: June

Date information01-30 June
9:15am - 5:00pm (weekdays only)
Location informationArc Cinema
Event costFREE (no booking required)

Trailblazing Artists (PG)

Celebrating artists revered and emulated today whose work challenged the audience of their day. Program includes Spike Milligan’s 1980 documentary on Australia’s fringe theatre scene (featuring a young Geoffrey Rush), as well as a look at the work of the Melbourne theatre group The Pram Factory, authors Frank Hardy and Mungo MacCallum Snr, and sculptor Tom Bass.




Pram Factory
1994 | 56 Minutes | Director: Anna Grieve, James Manche
In the early 1970s Melbourne was home to the Australian Performing Group, a theatre collective that quickly became a focal point for the intellectual, artistic and political life of those turbulent times. They were based in a building called the Pram Factory, now synonymous with the people and events that laid the groundwork for a renaissance in Australian culture.


Amazing Scenes
1980 | 48 Minutes | Director: Karl McPhee
Spike Milligan takes a look at the Australian fringe theatre scene and finds a colourful, somewhat offbeat array of talent, including David Argue, Cappriccios, Circus Oz, Clowneroonies (featuring Geoffrey Rush), Kirribilli Pub Theatre, Reg Livermore, Lobotomy Brothers, Los Trios Ringbarkus, Alan Pentland, Rod Quantock, Sideshow, St Martin's Youth Art Centre and the Women's Circus.


Tom Bass
2006 | 26 Minutes | Director: Rod Freedman
Tom Bass was one of Australia's leading sculptors, having created many of the country's most significant public works. His commissions included pieces for the National Library, Canberra's Civic Square and numerous churches and universities. However, none of his sculptures are in art gallery collections. His philosophy was that the sculptor is the seer or spokesperson for the community, whose role is to create "public totems”, not “mantlepiece ornaments”. “I saw the whole of Australia as a blank sheet that had to be written on,” said Tom.


Mungo MacCallum
1997 | 27 Minutes | Director: Robin Hughes, Linda Kruger
Mungo MacCallum questioned accepted values all his life. As a distinguished journalist, writer and broadcaster he was known for his satirical wit and sense of the absurd.


Frank Hardy
1993 | 27 Minutes | Director: Frank Heimans
During the late 1940s, author Frank Hardy collected material for his most famous novel Power Without Glory.  Its publication lead to one of Australia's most famous defamation trials. In 1950, Hardy was charged with libel and after nine months of court proceedings, he was finally acquitted. This experience was to become the basis of another of his books, The Hard Way.  This interview for Australian Biography was his last.


Sculpture Australia 69
1969 | 28 Minutes | Director: Tim Burstall
In sculpture, as in the other arts, Australia has achieved a world reputation in recent years. In this film, Tim Burstall examines the Australian sculptors working in Australia and overseas, analyses their attitudes and asks them to sum up their views about modern sculpture. Artists shown at work include Norma Redpath (creating the fountain for the Commonwealth Treasury), George Baldessin, Stephen Walker, Lyndon Dadswell, Matcham Skipper, David Tolley, Margel Hinder, Colin Lanceley, Ron Robertson-Swann, Michael Kitching, Ken Reinhard, Tim Berriman, Asher Bilu, Robert Klippel, Clement Meadmore and Vincent Jomantis.