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14-16 October
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Arc Cinema
General - $20 / $15*, Opening night - $30 / $20*

The Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia (CaSFFA) returns to Canberra this October to celebrate our 6 year anniversary!

With this year’s festival theme of ‘Movement’ CaSFFA has curated an exciting program showcasing the latest and greatest Czech and Slovak films fresh off the international festival circuit. You can expand your 2022 CaSFFA offering by tuning in to our online component through a retrospective collection of Czech and Slovak classics and short films online throughout October.

For more information check the CaSFFA site.


Festival Program:

Arc Cinema will be screening the following films from the festival program on 14 and 16 October: 

CaSFFA Opening Night: Zátopek - 14 October, 6:00pm

Dir: David Ondříček, MA15+, Czech Republic, 2021, 131mins, DCP

With Václav Neužil, James Frecheville, Martha Issová, Robert Mikluš, Jiří Šimek

This engaging Karlovy Vary International Film Festival opener depicts the tremendous and turbulent journey of one of the 20th century’s finest athletes, Czechoslovak long-distance runner Emil Zátopek. Václav Neužil immerses himself in the role of the Olympic champion who made history at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, as director David Ondříček takes his audience through various stages of the icon’s sporting and personal life.

Zátopek captures the runner’s 3-gold-medal runs – a record that’s never been achieved again – with electric energy and fervour. But, like the greatest sporting dramas, Ondříček finds the person behind the sporting icon, turning his attention also to Zatopek’s wife, champion javelin thrower Dana Zátopková, and friend, Australian long-distance runner Ron Clarke (charmingly played by Aussie James Frecheville).

Zátopek captures the intensity and greatness of Zátopek’s sporting achievements, and sheds light on the personal stories that greatly affected his life, too.

This screening of Zátopek is dedicated to John Zika.

Ticket to Opening Night includes a drink upon arrival with nibbles. Event starts at 6.00pm, screening at 7.00pm.


Happy New Year 2 (Šťastný Nový Rok 2: Dobro došli) - 16 October, 4:00pm

Dir: Jakub Kroner, MA15+, Slovakia, 2021, 93mins, DCP

With Táňa Pauhofová, Gabriela Marcinková, Antónia Lišková, Zuzana Norisová

Happy New Year 2 is the rousing follow up to the original, brightly-toned Happy New Year (2019). The story takes place on the last day of the year, when Marek (Ján Koleník) proposes to Hana (Táňa Pauhofová) and Hana’s 'yes' manifests a crazy series of events. Hana’s 3 friends (Antónia Lišková, Zuzana Norisová and Gabriela Marcinková) once again turn up and bring the goofy, lovable fun. These ladies just can’t help but bring drama to the seemingly simple wedding preparations – while one of them is currently without a partner, the other has two men fighting for her and the third has a husband who, with his carelessness, crosses all lines.

Taking place by the beautiful 'Czechoslovak' sea in Croatia, Happy New Year 2 is a holiday romance that bursts with laughs and good times. And just like the original, it whisks it all together to create a touching tale of family, love and sisterhood.


Saving One Who Was Dead (Zpráva o záchraně mrtvého) and Love, Dad - 16 October, 6:15pm

Dir: Václav Kadrnka, MA15+, Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2021, 90mins, DCP

Four years on from his Karlovy Vary-winning effort Little Crusader (2017), Václav Kadrnka returns with a film that plays like a spiritual journey – quietly moving alongside the bodies of the living and the fallen, and on the vast ocean in-between.

After a serious stroke, the Father goes into a coma. The Mother (Zuzana Mauréry) and the Son (Vojtěch Dyk) are suddenly confronted with a motionless body; the doctors don’t bring them any hope. But if the person they love is moving on, the Mother and the Son are determined to bring him back. With a profound attention to detail, Kadrnka constructs a graceful story in the spaces between life and death – forming a poetic and enigmatic tale about 2 characters who, in search of connection with their loved one, arrive at the realm of resurrection.

Screens with Love, Dad (2021)

Dir: Diana Cam Van Nguyen, MA15+, Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2021, 13mins

Love, Dad is a short film about the gaps between a child and a parent, the weight of parental love, and the loneliness that silence can bring. Nestling into her own story, director Diana Cam Van Nguyen uncovers 15-year-old letters of affection from her Dad – letters that he wrote to her from prison – in an attempt to rediscover his love. This touching, ingeniously animated short is a remarkable feat in style and biographical storytelling.



General admission

Adult $20 / Concession* $15

Opening night

Adult $30 / Concession* $20

Ticket to Opening Night includes a drink upon arrival with nibbles. Event starts at 6.00pm, screening at 7.00pm.

*For under 18s, students, seniors and holders of Pensioner Concession or Health Care Cards.



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