Classic Aussie Car Films Triple Bill

3 January
From 1:00pm
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$20 (all 3 films) / $10/$8 (individual films)

In honour of that great Canberra Summer tradition – Summernats – we present this 8-cylinder afternoon of tyre-squealing on-screen fun.

All three films for $20 or individual sessions $10/$8.


1:00pm: The FJ Holden: 1977 | M | 101mins | Australia | D: Michael Thornhill

Michael Thornhill’s comedy about two mates and a yellow FJ Holden.

'The FJ Holden is Michael Thornhill's statement about contemporary life styles among the young. It is not a road movie; it is not filled with hair-raising car sequences. Rather, it is a sadness for the emptiness of the lives of the kids who are old enough to booze, smoke, fornicate and own motor cars but who have never read a book and whose sources of information about life are the lowest common denominator of TV. It has the potential to break your heart and entertain you in the process.' - Dougal MacDonald, Canberra Times.

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3:00pm: The Big Steal: 1990 | PG | 99mins | Australia | D: Nadia Tass

Claudia Karvan and Ben Mendelsohn in Nadia Tass’s car comedy.

'[Nadia] Tass riffs on a message familiar to teen caper movies: that adolescents can be pretty damn smart when they put their minds to it. A similar message was explored in a different context in Tass’s previous film Malcolm, a comedy about a slow-witted man-child who is also a fiendishly clever inventor. There is something wonderfully immature about The Big Steal’s sense of moral comeuppance, how its characters go about achieving the right thing in the wrong ways. Mendelsohn, in his first leading role, has a bright-eyed glow about him, the look of a kid wrestling with his place in the universe.' - Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian.

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5:00pm: Love the Beast: 2009 | M | 92mins | Australia | D: Eric Bana (pictured)

Eric Bana’s passionate ode to his Ford GT Falcon Coupe.

'In search of insight into his passion, Bana spends some time discussing the bond between man and machine with folksy TV shrink Dr Phil. Even without such expert guidance, it's clear that the car serves as a representation of his shifting self-image: comprised of old and new parts, outwardly polished yet requiring constant repair.' - Jake Wilson, The Age.

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