Charlie's Country

26 January
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$12/$10

Charlie's Country is the third collaboration between actor David Gulpilil and director Rolf de Heer.

This semi-autobiographical film centres on an Aboriginal man coming to terms with his loss of culture and sense of self in the modern world. Gulpilil's powerful and graceful performance earned him awards in Australia and internationally, including at the Cannes Film Festival.

Charlie's Country is beautifully shot and features still-camera techniques that allow a sense of space, time and documentary realism rarely afforded in Australian feature films.

While the film expresses the lived experience – and sometimes bleak circumstances – of Indigenous Australians living in remote communities, it is also a film of great hope and humanity.

‘Using a combination of bleak realism, fatalistic humor and a healthy dose of sentimentality, Mr de Heer traces the downward spiral of a man who has become a refugee in his own homeland’ – Nicholas Rapold, The New York Times

‘There are laughs here as well as moments of devastation, thankfully, and genuine joy’ – Nick Dent, Time Out Sydney

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