Black Girl

23 June
Location informationArc Cinema
Event cost$10

In the groundbreaking, Black Girl, Sembène explores themes of cultural domination, modern slavery and the female condition. Based on one of Sembène’s short stories, Black Girl won the Prix Jean Vigo on its release.

Preceded by Sembène’s magnificent debut Borom Sarret (AKA The Wagoner, 1963, 23mins).


La Noire de (Black Girl)
Restored in 2015 by The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project in collaboration with the Sembène Estate, Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, INA, Eclair laboratories and Centre National de Cinématographie. Restoration carried out at Cineteca di Bologna/ L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory.

Borom Sarret
Restored in 2013 by The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project in association with Institut National de l’Audiovisuel and the Sembène Estate. Restoration work was carried out at Laboratoires Éclair and Cineteca di Bologna/L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory. Restoration funding provided by Doha Film Institute.

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